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Second Lawsuit Filed Against Fort Worth Vet After Accusations of Animal Abuse

A second lawsuit has been filed against Dr. Lou Tierce, the Fort Worth veterinarian accused of keeping his clients’ supposedly euthanized pets alive. The former client of Tierce claims that he kept her Chihuahua alive for over four months; she is now seeking $1 million in damages, according to FOX DFW. The pet owner also […]

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Judge Orders Release of Ethan Couch’s Records from “Affluenza” Psychologist

A judge has ordered the attorneys of Ethan Couch, the intoxicated teen that killed four and injured several others in a car crash last summer, to hand over Couch’s psychological records, according to the Dallas Morning News. The order is related to the suit against Couch’s family by one of the boys injured in the […]

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Owner of Philadelphia Inquirer & 6 Others Killed in Airplane Crash Saturday Night

Seven people are dead, including Lewis Katz, an owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, after a plane crashed outside of Boston Saturday evening, according to the Dallas Morning News. What caused the crash and subsequent explosion of the private Gulfstream IV is still unknown, but an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board reported that the […]

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