Podcast: Amazing injury survival stories

Rocky Haire Injury Lawyers don’t let the bullies at the insurance company take advantage of good people dealing with injuries, crisis and death. Denton, Fort Worth and Dallas personal injury and wrongful death attorney Rocky Haire shares news and information about personal injury law and how he protects injured people and their families.

Podcast interview topics:

  • Feel good story: Rocky pays school lunch bills
    • Kids feared shame going through lunch line
    • Paying it forward and doing the right thing
  • Denton Couple survives hydroplaning head-on wreck on 35
    • The danger of the early minutes of a rain storm
    • Expectant mother thanks the first responders
  • The incredible ice woman survival story
    • Ski trip goes horribly wrong
    • 80-minute rescue and amazingly low body temperature
  • The wrongful death case when people do not survive
    • Who can file a wrongful death case?
    • What damages can you seek in a wrongful death case?

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