Two patients are dead. 38 mistakes were made in another patient, Mary Efurd, leaving her nearly paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. These are the events – over a two and a half year period – that caused the suspension of Christopher Duntsch’s medical license, a doctor who operated out of Plano, Texas, citing an impairment due to drugs and/or alcohol. Duntsch’s alleged medical violations include leaving a sponge inside a patient’s neck, causing severe infection, misdiagnosing patients, and putting patients through unnecessary surgery, according to the Dallas Observer Blog.

Efurd has begun the process of seeking damages from Duntsch, a step that will likely to be mirrored by other patients and their families in the coming months. Haire Law can help if you or a loved one has been injured due to medical negligence. Contact the Denton by visiting here or call 940-484-5555. A personal injury attorney will evaluate your case at no cost and provide the advice needed to take the next step in your case.