A multi-car pileup on icy roads in San Antonio made national news today as drivers in South Texas experienced snow and ice during this early December blast of cold air from the north. At least 15 cars were reported in the massive pileup on the elevated Loop 410 ramp around 7 a.m. when one car lost control, leading to a chain reaction with 14 or more other vehicles.[i]

Why are multi-car pileups so dangerous?

Not only are multi-car pileups dangerous, they can be terrifying. Have you ever seen online videos of cars and trucks, unable to stop, and slamming into one another? There is nothing you can do besides brace for impact. You should never get out of your vehicle because you could be killed by another vehicle you might not be able to see. Many multi-car pileups happen in low visibility conditions.

One reason multi-car pileups are dangerous is that there is an increased risk of explosion when multiple vehicles wreck into each other. Another danger is being hit and run over by 18-wheelers that cannot stop or avoid a collision in icy and snowy winter conditions.

Was there anything drivers could have done to avoid the multi-car pileup?

The best way to protect yourself in icy and snowy winter conditions is to drive slower than usual and to give yourself much more space between yourself and the vehicles in front of you and around you in case you need to make emergency maneuvers to avoid a collision.

In a car wreck involving front and rear end collisions, objects in the vehicles of those involved can become deadly. An unsecured object laying in your rear window can strike you in the back of your head during impact and knock you out or cause more serious damage or death. The same can be said of unsecured objects in the back of a truck. In the event of a collision or emergency stop, objects can be thrown out the truck bed and straight into the driver of the vehicle behind, causing untold damage. If you are driving a truck with items in the back, make sure to resource a strong cover so that the items will not fall out.

Rocky Haire Injury Lawyers for multi-car pileup attorney

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There are many elevated roads in Denton, Fort Worth and Dallas where multi-car pileups could happen.

Whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth or Denton, you do not have to travel far in the DFW Metroplex to find yourself on elevated ramps, roads and bridges that freeze easily and freeze before the road surfaces on the ground. Elevated roads can become icy and slippery when the main roads are only wet. Especially in shaded areas where the sun doesn’t shine, the road may be icy, and you might not know until you are slipping and sliding.

If you can stay home and stay off the roads in snowy and icy winter weather conditions, you are much safer. If you must drive and you end up in a pileup, it is important to call an injury attorney immediately because the number of people and insurance companies involved in multiple-car pileups can be significant and you could be accused by others as being at fault for the injuries of other people.

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