Injury cases and social media do not go well together, and the insurance company can and will make you look bad.

The first thing many people do when they are injured in a car wreck is take a picture of their wrecked car or truck and post it on social media. The amount of post comments and reactions get the attention of many people who offer their sympathies and prayers. What the insurance company sees is an opportunist person who is looking to cash in on being rear-ended by a big work truck or 18-wheeler. In a deposition, the questions could seem unfair and make you look bad if the insurance company suggests you don’t have serious injuries and damages and you just want money and attention.

Denton Injury Lawyer, Rocky Haire warns not to contradict your own testimony through social media posts.

One reason Rocky Haire talks to his clients about the dangers of social media is that your social media posts and comments tell a story about you. If you claim in your injury lawsuit that you are depressed, in great pain and having a difficult time with recovery from your injuries, you will look like a liar if your social media makes it look like you are happy and having the best year of your life.

The insurance company lawyer may ask if you are lying about your injuries and damages because your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram show you going to the gym, talking the dog for a walk or attending a concert or fun event. It is possible that defense attorney for the insurance company will suggest you are committing perjury by claiming damages and injuries that are not real.

Even if your social media is set to friends only, the insurance company will find your posts and try to minimize your injuries and damages.

Famous last words: I’ll just set everything to Friends Only. You would be surprised how many people see your posts even though they are not on your friends on Facebook. One could be a friend of a friend or a false friend you might not want on your page. Private investigators working for insurance companies have all kinds of ways of getting information.

Rocky Haire can talk to you about being smart on social media and not giving anyone the wrong idea when you are injured and recovering. Call the office to make an appointment to learn more.

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