Dog bites can lead to serious injuries and death.

An 8-month-old baby girl was killed by the family Pit bull recently. The family had three Pit bull dogs; a mother and her male and female puppies raised by the family since birth. The male was close to four years old according to reports. Even an adult dog, more docile and trained can still kill you. In this case, the grandmother lost control of the leash when walking the dogs and the male Pit bull found and attacked the baby as she was bouncing in her bouncy chair in one of the family’s bedrooms. When not trained correctly, any dog can become vicious and do something catastrophic. The Keating Firm LTD. has seen numerous cases where a dog hasn’t been trained properly and a negligent owner has let their dog run loose, resulting in some serious injuries, and unfortunately, it happens more than you would think.

The reports of the scene were terrible and tragic. A victim’s services unit was on scene to provide counseling and support, not only for the family of the dead baby girl, but also for the first responders. Anyone is going to be affected by a crime scene like that.

When dogs bite or hurt people, the owner may have to pay for the victim’s damages.

Dog bite injuries can be fatal, as we see in this awful case out of Florida. A wrongful death lawsuit can absolutely be filed and won and often it is the homeowner’s insurance policy that pays. Note that not only puncture wounds and immediately fatal injuries can occur, infections from bites and scratches can and have been fatal as seen in many high-profile cases.

Victims who survive dog bites can face significant damages worth money in a dog bite case.

  1. Medical bills can skyrocket, especially when plastic surgery is required to repair flesh wounds and broken limbs. The cost of ongoing physical therapy is also compensable in a claim or lawsuit for damages.
  2. Pain and suffering from the trauma of a dog bite and attack is worth money, and the cost to a person’s enjoyment of life is certainly affected after being mauled by a vicious dog. Imagine going into paralyzing fear every time you see a threatening dog after being attacked by one, worse, watching a loved one be killed.
  3. Your loss of income after being attacked by a dog can be recompensed in your claim against the dog owner and/or insurance company. Depending on the severity of your injuries you could be out of work for days, weeks or months. You need to be recompensed for your income loss.
  4. Like the television commercials about animal attacks and insurance company compensation for damages tell you, they should cover your loss of any property damaged during the attack. This could include anything from personal items to damages to your home or vehicle during the attack.
  5. Punitive damages are money awards for victims where the owner or person liable for the injuries acted outrageously or used extreme carelessness such as knowingly letting a known dangerous dog run after and attack people.

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Rocky is a tough and smart injury lawyer and he and his team takes dog bite injuries and damages very seriously. Whether your own dog, your neighbor’s dog or a stranger’s dog attacks and bites you or a member of your family, you can trust that Rocky will find out who is responsible and fight to make them pay. Everyone should have insurance, but even if they don’t, Rocky will hunt like a dog himself to find out who has the policy and deep pockets to get you paid and get you back on your feet.