The Denton apartment building floor collapse at The Ridge at North Texas early Saturday morning may cause many people to ask how this happened and who is to blame. Several people attending a private party were injured when people jumping in a 3rd floor apartment collapsed and fell through the floor and ceiling of the 2nd floor apartment below.

In a recent news article about the collapse, Denton police stated that six people were treated on the scene and that 50 residents are displaced. When so many people have no place to go and suffer injuries it is natural to ask how this could happen and who is to blame.[i] Due to this accident, it’s likely that these apartments will have to be rebuilt. The developers may decide to build these apartments again from scratch, or they may decide to try a different design for the apartments. Recently, a lot of developers have been using modular apartments instead as they are a lot more affordable and easier to set up. Perhaps the developers on this site could consider opting for some modular apartments to ensure these people can get back into their homes as soon as possible.

There are many sources of liability for injured and displaced residents seeking money damages

The injured and displaced residents at The Ridge at North Texas may have personal and economic damages for which they may deserve financial compensation. In any injury event there could be several factors and sources of negligence, fault and liability.

  • Did the construction company use proper materials and construct a proper building?
  • Did the apartment complex management have a duty to intervene in a party that exceeded an allowed number of occupants?
  • What about the resident who hosted the party and the people they invited?

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[i] Fox4News, Denton apartment floor collapses, 50 residents displaced, by Fox4News Staff, posted Nov. 12, 2017.