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My Uber Driver Got Into An Accident. What Do I Do?

My Uber Driver Got Into An Accident. What Do I Do?   Picture this: Your friends have invited you to a Friday night concert at a popular music venue. Rather than deal with pricey parking lots and long traffic lines, you decide to just take an Uber. (Plus, taking an Uber would allow you to […]

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Injury cases and social media. Image Source

Injury cases and social media

Injury cases and social media do not go well together, and the insurance company can and will make you look bad. The first thing many people do when they are injured in a car wreck is take a picture of their wrecked car or truck and post it on social media. The amount of post […]

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Denton apartment building floor collapse: 6 injured and 50 displaced

The Denton apartment building floor collapse at The Ridge at North Texas early Saturday morning may cause many people to ask how this happened and who is to blame. Several people attending a private party were injured when people jumping in a 3rd floor apartment collapsed and fell through the floor and ceiling of the […]

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Settlement Negotiation

It is estimated that more than ninety percent of all civil cases are settled. Obviously then, the settlement of a case is an extremely important and unique function of the trial lawyer. The only other alternative to settlement of a case is trial. Therefore, it is apparent that your skills as a trial lawyer will […]

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