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Dog bite injuries

Dog bite injuries and damages: 8-year-old baby girl killed by Pit bull

Dog bites can lead to serious injuries and death. An 8-month-old baby girl was killed by the family Pit bull recently. The family had three Pit bull dogs; a mother and her male and female puppies raised by the family since birth. The male was close to four years old according to reports. Even an […]

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Amazing injury survival stories including the incredible ice woman story.

Podcast: Amazing injury survival stories

Podcast: Amazing injury survival stories Rocky Haire Injury Lawyers don’t let the bullies at the insurance company take advantage of good people dealing with injuries, crisis and death. Denton, Fort Worth and Dallas personal injury and wrongful death attorney Rocky Haire shares news and information about personal injury law and how he protects injured people […]

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Cat bite injuries. Photo source: VCA Hospitals

Cat bite injuries

Cats have sharp canine teeth that are naturally designed to puncture flesh. Like a cat may kill a mouse or bird, the cat can also easily puncture our human skin. On the VCA animal hospital website about cat bites, Earnest Ward, DVM states, “These punctures rapidly seal over, trapping bacteria from the cat’s mouth under […]

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