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Rocky Haire Injury Lawyers Represent Clients in Wrongful Death Cases in Texas

Wrongful death cases in Texas

When you find yourself searching for a wrongful death attorney near me – it helps to start by knowing a few basics. Wrongful death cases in Texas are filed on behalf of the family surviving the death of their loved one here in Denton, Fort Worth, Dallas or anywhere in the State of Texas where […]

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Hiring an injury lawyer: How it works

Hiring a lawyer does not cost you any money and the lawyer does not get paid until the case is settled or won in court. A good law firm, such as this criminal defense attorney denver, will meet with you to find out what happened and tell you if you have a case they can […]

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South Texas Aviation Accident Kills Two People on Monday

A South Texas airplane crash killed two people on Monday evening, according to NBC DFW. The single-engine Zenair CH2000 took off from the McAllen Miller International Airport near Edinburg just before 7 p.m. and crashed shortly after. A student pilot and a flight instructor were onboard, practicing takeoffs and landings, when accident occurred. Both passengers, […]

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Single Engine Plane Crash Injures One in Sulphur Springs

A small plane crashed in Sulphur Springs on Thursday night, injuring one person, according to NBC DFW. The O’Dell Aeromaster biplane took off from Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport in Hopkins County, and crashed shortly after. 46-year-old pilot David German was the only passenger onboard. German was injured after the crash caused the plane to catch […]

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