‘Tis the season for long drives to visit family and friends, which also means ho-ho-horrible road conditions!


Although the holidays are a joyful time, they can also create deadly road conditions. According to the National Safety Council, an average of 343 people are killed in traffic accidents during the Christmas weekend. That death toll rises to 373 during the New Year holiday.


Don’t be a holiday statistic. Before getting out on the road to visit loved ones for the holidays, make sure to take these 5 precautions:


  1. Make a List & Check It Twice


Before you hit the road, make sure to service your car and perform preventative car maintenance by inspecting the following car parts:


  • Car battery – make sure it’s strong and the terminals are clean
  • Tires – check for wear and tear or bulges
  • Car brakes – a mechanic can tell you whether or not you need replacements


  1. Rest Up


Driving while sleepy is dangerous to everyone on the road. Be sure to be well-rested before beginning your trip. If you’re gearing up for a longer drive than usual, it’s advisable that you stop every two hours for a break. If possible, switch driving duty every so often with another alert adult driver. (As tough as it might be during the holiday season, try to avoid driving after heavy meals, which can make it easy to doze off.)


  1. Monitor Road Conditions


Before your drive, check the road conditions for any inclement weather forecasts. It’s also helpful to know if major highways will be closed. Here’s a list of suggested websites to use:



  1. Drive During the Day


Experts have proven that driving during daylight hours dramatically reduces the risk of accidents. People who choose to drive at night are increasing their risk of being in an accident because they’re sharing the road with drivers who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or with drivers who have night-vision impairments. The risk of dying in an accident increases three-fold when you choose to drive at night.


  1. Watch Out for the 4 “Ds”


Never drive while drowsy, drinking, taking drugs, or distracted. These 4 “Ds” make up a large percentage for causes of fatal driving accidents, especially driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you’re too intoxicated to drive, either call a cab or wait until you are no longer under the influence. And, remember, buzzed driving is still drunk driving.


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